With a record of excellent feedback in previous Ofsted reports and due to our on-going work with the DfE and EFA across the Trust, we are pleased to offer bespoke services.

Established in 2014, the Fairfax Multi-Academy Trust (FMAT) has a belief that is resonated throughout; education is the bedrock for a successful and fulfilling life. Ultimately, it aims to prepare each and every student to succeed in a 21st Century workplace and have the skills and competencies to do this. The curriculum underpins the Trust’s ethos and creativity, innovation and mastering of the basics; reading, writing, communicating and mathematics. In order to ensure that each student’s individual experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible, the basics must not be forgotten. All of our students are expected to demonstrate excellence in punctuality, behaviour, uniform and respect for one another.


In the role of Interim CEO, Chris is the overall lead for the Academies within the Trust, with a specific focus on strategic management.


As the Chief Operating Officer, John is responsible for overseeing all non-educational functions across the Trust including Estates, HR, IT and Finance. With an expertise in Finance, John oversees the Central Office and Academies budgets, ensuring compliance with the Financial Handbook and EFA regulations.


The Director of Education is responsible for evaluating the quality of provision and standards in each Academy. He also leads on professional development across the Trust, working with staff, directors and associates.

Why select our consultancy service?

Whilst the FMAT is always actively seeking other schools to join them, the Trust also offers strategic, operational and financial school to school support services to those requiring interim advice.

Chris has worked in a number of Schools and Academies, including those in challenging circumstances. Along with his team, they will quickly grasp your unique methods of approach and work hard to assist you in developing a bespoke solution to your needs.