Fairfax Multi-Academy Trust was established in 2014. Chris Stevens, CEO, oversees all four of the Trust's secondary schools; one of which has a sixth form and another of which is an all-through school, therefore offering provision from reception all the way up to year 11.

Given its reputation for success, the Trust has been approached on a number of occasions to assist with school to school support at other establishments including Norton Canes and Kingsbury School and Sports College (which the Trust went on to sponsor and re-brand as Erdington Academy).

With over four thousand students to develop and educate both academically and socially and several hundred employees to direct and develop professionally, it is imperative that a clear message of what is expected is communicated from Central Office into each of the Academies and ultimately into the classrooms.

The Trust’s ethos is built upon a foundation of five core values which impact every decision, action and strategy and ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved.



We strive for the highest quality to ensure excellent outcomes.


We believe there is dignity in hard work and effort.


We want the very best for our students.


We believe in openness and transparency.


We believe in old fashioned manners, courtesy and respect.