Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP Addresses Year 11 Students

December 2nd, 2016

Year 11 students from Fairfax were today addressed in their assembly by the Sutton Coldfield MP, the Rt. Hon Andrew Mitchell.

Mr Mitchell focussed on talking in brief about the current and most pressing local, national and international issues.

He started with a local topic that he has been passionately opposing for a number of years; the recent decision to allow the development of 6,000 houses on Green Belt land in Sutton Coldfield.  Whilst Mr Mitchell still hopes to find a way to overturn this decision by amending a “bill” that is being passed through this week, he advised that if the development does take place, he will ensure that proper infrastructures are implemented i.e. doctors surgery’s, schools and that the houses built are the types of homes that people want to live in.

The national subject of Brexit and the long term effects of leaving the EU were discussed next.  Mr Mitchell informed the students that there can either be a “hard Brexit” or a “soft Brexit” and the main focus now is for Politicians to negotiate terms so that the UK’s future economy is protected as much as possible.

To close, Mr Mitchell focussed on the situation in Syria.  He described the devastating situation and the reasons why the United Nations are unable to stop the war crimes being inflicted on the country and its inhabitants.

Following the assembly, Mr Mitchell and local Cllr Ewan Mackey who represents the Sutton Trinity Ward, met for a Q&A session with a group of thirteen Year 11  students.  The students who had been selected based on the questions they had prepared the week prior in their English lesson, probed the politicians with questions covering a broad spectrum including; how the Government are tackling unemployment, environmental issues, the UK’s future relationship with the USA following the recent election of Donald Trump and the debts faced by students attending University.  Mr Mitchell was particularly impressed with a question relating to the lack of education on Mental Health Issues in Schools.  Both he and Cllr Mackey recognised the importance of recognising Mental Health issues which will affect 1 in 3 of us and noted that whilst schools have improved on their knowledge in this area in recent years, there is still more to be done.

The Trust would like to extend sincere thanks and gratitude to MP Andrew Mitchell and Cllr Mackey for taking the time to discuss current issues within the political arena and addressing the questions and concerns of the future generation.



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