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CEO's Welcome

Welcome to the Fairfax Multi Academy Trust. 

Andy BirdWelcome to the Fairfax Multi Academy Trust (FMAT), which was established in 2014. 
There are currently four Academies within our Trust:
Fairfax - based in Sutton Coldfield and the founding School of the Trust;
Bournville - located in the South of the City, this was the Trusts first sponsored Academy;
Erdington - formally known as Kingsbury School and Sports College joined in September 2016;
Smith's Wood - based in the Solihull region is the latest Academy to join us.
With a belief that is resonated throughout the Trust that education is the bedrock for a successful and fulfilling life, it is our aim to prepare each and every student to succeed in a 21st Century workplace and have the skills and competencies to do this. The curriculum underpins our ethos and creativity, innovation and mastering of the basics; reading, writing, communicating and mathematics.
My personal aim is to ensure that each student’s individual experience is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. I believe that this starts with the basics and therefore I will relentlessly pursue excellence in punctuality, behaviour, uniform and respect for one another.
FMAT is actively seeking other schools to join our Trust. One option being to sponsor a school which is deemed inadequate or has received “Required Improvement” Ofsted judgements, whilst another possibility is to join together with other primary, secondary or free schools, so as to share assets, jointly procure resources and support each other with specialist teaching staff, meaning that ultimately the education delivered in the classroom will be enhanced.
If you are interested in opening a constructive dialogue and have a like-minded vision of not building empires but providing quality education for any child or young person in this country, please contact us. 
Mr A J Bird